In Flight – The Story of Newcomer Seniors

The 2018 ACT Social Justice Theatre Project theme is Newcomer Seniors.  Workshops were conducted with seniors from Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women, Life After 50, as well as other seniors in the Windsor community, during the months of June 2017 – January 2018.  Many personal stories were shared and from those stories the one act play entitled “In Flight” was created.

 In Flight

After long flights to Toronto from locations such as Syria, China, the Caribbean Islands, and England, this one act play follows a group of people on their final destination flight to Windsor, ON. The “In Flight” cast will engross the audience with their personal journeys as they narrate experiences of insecurity, challenge, and heroism. This play is based on the real-life stories of newcomer seniors to Canada living in Windsor, ON. and invites the audience to share in the experience of facing cultural change, social prejudice, and economic barriers, and then eventually uniting to find resilience, strength and unflinching hope.

Directed by Chris Rabideau

Original Conceived and Written by Linda Lord & Chris Rabideau