Social Justice Theatre

A series of collaborative workshop to create a one act play. The project’s intention is to make audiences aware, through healthy public dialogue, of mental health issues, promoting awareness and advocacy for the fair treatment of those who are oppressed due to the stigma surrounding mental health in Windsor/Essex and, more broadly, in Canada. You do not need to be in the performance to be a part of this project. No theatre knowledge or experience is necessary! We will be using brainstorming, discussion, visual art and improvisation to create the play.


Sharing Stories: Seniors Talk About Experiences

The 2018 Arts Collective Theatre Social Justice Theatre project. 

This project is currently in workshop. Seniors, join us & share your stories Every Friday from 12pm - 1pm at Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Woman (1368 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, 3rd floor) September 1 - December 31, 2017.

Funded by the New Horizons Grant, the seniors project brings together Windsor-Essex residents over the age of 50 to share their stories and create a play based on their life experiences.

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