2018 Shows

Social Justice Theatre: In Flight


The 2018 ACT Social Justice Theatre Project theme is Newcomer Seniors. Workshops were conducted with seniors from Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women, Life After 50, as well as other seniors in the Windsor community, during the months of June 2017 – January 2018. Many personal stories were shared and from those stores the one act play entitled “In Flight” was created.

Funded by the New Horizons for Seniors Programs Grant, the seniors project brings together Windsor-Essex residents over the age of 50 to share their stories and create a play based on their life experiences.

In Flight
You Can’t Leave It All Behind:  The Story of Newcomer Seniors

Directed by Chris Rabideau
Original Conceived and Written by Linda Lord & Chris Rabideau

Show Synopsis

After long flights to Toronto from locations such as Syria, China, the Caribbean Islands, and England, this one act play follows a group of people on their final destination flight to Windsor, ON. The “In Flight” cast will engross the audience with their personal journeys as they narrate experiences of insecurity, challenge, and heroism. This play is based on the real-life stories of newcomer seniors to Canada living in Windsor, ON. and invites the audience to share in the experience of facing cultural change, social prejudice, and economic barriers, and then eventually uniting to find resilience, strength and unflinching hope.

ACT Community: Dreamgirls

Our 2018 ACT Community musical was the glamorous “Dreamgirls”, a show that captured the musical movement of the 1960’s. The sounds of Motown are rooted in our community’s rich black history and we wanted to produce a show that highlighted that fact.  Dreamgirls followed the rise of a musical group called the Dreams, loosely based on musical groups such as the Supremes and the Marvelettes.  The shows’ overall theme was female empowerment, and those brave and talented women learned how to make it on their own in a time of change.

ACT 30 Under 30: Hair

In 2018, we introduced ACT's new program 30 Under 30. It is a summer program that brings together youth 18 – 30 to develop theatre skills, be mentored by local artists, and produce a show. It is dedicated to celebrating Windsor-Essex County’s artistic talent under the age of 30. This program helps young artists as they look for ways to continue to showcase their talent both during and post education. The 30 Under 30 inaugural production was HAIR which celebrated its 50th anniversary.  Show dates were September 7 - 16 and took place at The Capitol Theatre Windsor.  #LETTHESUNSHINEIN

Hair Audience Reviews

How, how, HOW did Arts Collective Theatre put together such a dazzling production of HAIR in seven weeks?!?! Well, having super-talented performers helps...and so does a production team of artists who are passionate about their craft. This modernized version of HAIR was so much fun to watch. The choreography was innovative and captivating, and the vocals sent chills down your spine. But the show wasn't without its poignant moments, such as the defiant dance around the barrel that held burning draft cards and the ending of the show (no spoilers!). There are only two more performances of HAIR at the Capitol Theatre, and if you were on the fence about seeing it, allow me to help you decide. Just go! Congrats to the cast and crew! ~ Kim B.

This is truly one of the best performances I've ever seen.  Windsor is full of hidden talent!  Please check this play out, you won't be sorry. ~ Amber M.

I had the great pleasure of seeing "Hair" on opening night and there are simply not enough words to explain this extraordinary, exciting, and spectacular play.  Go if you can, it's a must see and 50 years later this cast brought me right back to my era... Loved it! ~ Mary M.

"Beautiful voices raised in song. Anthems from 50 years ago that still ring true today. A tremendously moving experience. Go see Hair this weekend!"

I know my words do not do it justice, it's just that I fear providing spoilers. The artistic vision of Chris Rabideau is unparalleled. The cast is stunning. The whole cast and crew deftly took his vision and made it soar. It is fresh, modern, visually and audibly stunning. Best production I've been to in years! Go out tonight or tomorrow and catch it before it's too late. Worth every penny, and then some. ~ Renée M.

Production Photos

Thank you to our photographers for capturing these amazing shots!

Rene Tremblay Photography

Jen Gurniak Photography

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