About Us


Mission Statement:

Arts Collective Theatre is a not-for-profit organization dedicated and committed to enhancing the well-being of Windsor Essex youth through theatre education and mentorship and by bringing awareness to social justice issues in Windsor and beyond.


ACT is committed to delivering educational theatre based practices to the Windsor – Essex Community and beyond. We look forward to developing new partnerships and through this active engagement, create further pathways of learning. Mentorship and learning opportunities are rooted in our artistic processes. Arts Collective Theatre is dedicated to enhancing the life of the community by bringing awareness to social justice issues at home and beyond Windsor.


• Create community and a safe environment through theatre and drama initiatives.
• Create social justice works.
• Promote self-development and learning through mentorship and leadership opportunities.
• Invite and encourage the participation of similarly engaged theatre artists.
• Contribute to an increased awareness of the arts in Windsor Essex.
• Establish a collective of theatre artists, educators, and youth.
• Extend partnerships in all areas of the community.
• Develop ministry of education examples of best practices through artistic activities and curriculum based learning.
• Form educational models that showcase vital and relevant artistic works.
• Create and engage in short and long term practices.
• Offer opportunities for paid artistic work within a collective model.

Social Justice Theatre:

A six-session collaborative Workshop to create a one act play. The project’s intention is to make audiences aware, through healthy public dialogue, of mental health issues, promoting awareness and advocacy for the fair treatment of those who are oppressed due to the stigma surrounding mental health in Windsor/Essex and, more broadly, in Canada. You do not need to be in the performance to be a part of this project. No theatre knowledge or experience is necessary! We will be using brainstorming, discussion, visual art and improvisation to create the play.

Arts Collective Theatre Student Intensive (ACTSI)

Arts Collective Theatre Student Intensive (ACTSI) is an annual musical mentorship program. Students will be given the opportunity to work with professionals who are working in the field of theatre or along side members of the Windsor – Essex community who have experience through active engagement within the arts.  Each mentor will be given a student(s) to mentor.

 Students will audition in the Spring and engage in a summer program that will produce a musical in October. Educators will be asked to send talented students who are looking for opportunities to participate in mentorship and artistic self-development.  Opportunities will be offered in scenic design, chorography, backstage, promotions, hair, make up etc.

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